Speak indo podcast is a medium to think about life while learning the Indonesian language and culture.

Although the Indonesian language is not among the top choices in learning other languages, gradually, we see that there are more people who are attracted to it. The reason behind wanting to learn the language could range from working as a diplomat who is stationed in Indonesia, travel reasons, wanting to learn a cultural part of the fourth most populous country in the world, or simply wanting to date one of the hottest Indonesian women or men.

The Indonesian language is actually one of the simplest language to learn, as there are no feminine and masculine versions of words, no tenses, no changes in verb for each subject; and the pronunciation follows exactly how the word is written.

In other words, once you remember a few basic verbs, you’ll be able to interact immediately.

We found that a lot of people who learn the Indonesian language, tend to use the word ‘bahasa’ to shorten the ‘Bahasa Indonesia.’ Bahasa means language, but somehow, a lot of people usually say, “I speak bahasa” instead of saying “I speak Indonesian”. So, we think, the “better” way to shorten it is by saying ‘speak Indo’, instead of speak bahasa.

Among Indonesians, especially who live abroad, it’s also very common when speaking to shorten the word Indonesian to Indo. It’s not an official or the correct term, it is more of a slang term that a lot of Indo people use from time to time in daily conversations. Just a fun fact to share as an example of how a word can evolve, there was an era where the word Indo actually refers to an Indonesian whose father/mother is originally from the Netherlands and married a local Indonesian (i.e.: a person of mixed heritage).  

Speak indo podcast will also attempt to show the Indonesian culture and customs that are probably not officially taught in school books nor tourism brochures. Things that we only experience when we live there. In the first season, Speak Indo podcast is going to tell you Indo folktales; the following seasons will be on stories about life from real Indo people.

Why real people?

Because each life, has its own problem, in handling the problem, each person has options to be a destroyer or a hero to oneself and others. We believe anyone can be a superhero in his/her daily life. That kind of positivity we invite you to build and spread as a community, regardless of our location, skin color or belief.

Semoga menikmati!

speak i n d o crew

The podcast is available on Youtube, Spotify, Apple and Google.


Photo credit and courtesy: Pinot W. Ichwandardi, Aditya Fajar, Daniel Tjongari, Yuliana Kusbiantoro, Kassian “Cephas”, Fajrul Islam, Bayu Novanta, Tandek Art. Trailer credit and courtesy: Henricus Kusbiantoro

The Indonesian language used here is in the daily-conversation format, that has influences from the local culture and custom. Should you have questions on the more formal version, please consult with your guru Bahasa Indonesia.

Level of Indonesian and English fluency: Intermediate to Advanced

Level of Indonesian and English fluency for beginner to intermediate: A-B Section only. (added in March 2021)