No More Dogs

Season 4 Episode A10

Level of Indonesian and English fluency: Beginner to Intermediate

Indonesian Version

Waktu kecil, aku beberapa kali mempunyai anjing. Tipe anjingnya adalah anjing lokal, biasanya disebut dengan anjing kampung. Mungkin untuk orang lain, anjing kampung tidak secantik anjing impor atau blasteran, tapi untuk aku tetap lucu. Yang aku paling suka dari anjing adalah mereka sangat setia dan selalu menyambutku dengan gembira.

Salah satu pengalaman yang aku tidak akan lupa saat aku berumur 13 tahun, 

Anjing aku, Homer, mulai sakit, aku naik bajaj pergi ke dokter hewan. Aku sedih sekali saat dikatakan Homer sakit parah dan usianya tidak akan lama lagi. Tak lama setelah Homer meninggal, orang tuaku adopsi anjing lain lagi supaya aku terhibur, namanya Blacky, tapi akhirnya Blacky pun meninggal sakit. Sejak itu, walaupun ingin, aku tidak berani untuk punya anjing lagi; rasa kehilangan dan sedih ditinggal terlalu besar, takut terulang. 

English Version (2:05)

When I was young, I had dogs as pets several times. They were mostly of the local types, mutts and mongrels. Maybe for other people, a mutt is not as attractive as the imported pure or mixed breeds, but for me they remain cute. What I love most about dogs is their loyalty and how they always welcome me with pure happiness.  

One of my unforgettable experiences happened when I was 13 years old. My dog, Homer, started to be sick, and I took a bajaj to take him to the veterinarian. I was overcome with sadness when I was informed that Homer was gravely ill and that he did not have long to live. Not long after Homer’s passing, my parents adopted another dog to help cheer me up, his name was Blacky but at the end he too passed away due to illness. Since then, even though the desire was still there, I did not dare to get another dog; the sense of loss and sadness of their passing was too much to bear and to repeat.


Tipe : type

Kampung : village

Impor : import

Blasteran : mixed races / type

Setia : faithful

Bajaj : three wheels public transportation 

Menduga : expect 

Bajaj is a public transportation that has 3 wheels, the concept is similar to tuk tuk in Thailand, but bajaj is actually only for 2 passengers, although many times we will see there will be more than 2 people, sometimes even the driver shares his seat with an extra passenger. 

We usually pay cash and we will bargain the price, there is no written information how much the cost is, we usually ask, bargain and then we learn along the way. 

The word ‘meninggal’, which means die or dead, is more formal (and considered more polite) and common to use for people. The word ‘mati’, which has the same meaning, is usually used for animals or plants.

Indonesian language used here is in the daily-conversation format, that has influences from the local culture and custom. Should you have questions on the more formal version, please consult with your guru Bahasa Indonesia.

Level of Indonesian and English fluency: Beginner – Intermediate