Season 3

We start Season 3 in January 2021 while the majority of places in the world are still fighting Covid-19. 

There are many sad stories during the pandemic, but one of the saddest is when people are taking this pandemic as a momentum to gain self-benefit at others’ expenses. People could do it through politics, health, economic or social platforms. It is just another year to prove how humanity is destroyed by greediness and ego-maniac individuals or groups of people. 

Parts of the year 2020 seemed to show us more clearly that other living creatures, animals and vegetations have given more benefit in our lives than our fellow human beings. 

This is why we are here to explore and present humanity stories that we thought could help keep us sane and hopeful. 

During the time that we are forced or tempted to get frustrated with overwhelming hypocrisy, we should pat our backs or even give ourselves a nice treat when we manage to greet the world with a genuine little smile one day at a time. 

The year of 2020 is probably the year that many of us experienced a turning point in our workplace, relationship or simply life in general. We hope wherever our paths take us, we will find the truth of ourselves as a tiny part of this huge universe. 

Welcome to Season 3, these are our stories, what is yours?

Level of Indonesian and English fluency: Intermediate to Advanced

*Photo credit and courtesy: Pinot W. Ichwandardi, Aditya Fajar, Daniel Tjongari, Yuliana Kusbiantoro, Kassian “Cephas”, Fajrul Islam, Bayu Novanta, Tandek ArtDesign credit and courtesy: Henricus Kusbiantoro