Welcome to Season 2

We are very excited to launch Speak Indo Podcast Season 2!

Speak Indo Podcast is a medium to think about life while learning Indonesian language and culture. 

It has been a fun ride to explore Indonesian folktales, the stories we heard when we were young and we reproduced it with a hint of traditional music in the whole Season 1. 

In Season 2, we are going to share real stories from real Indonesian people who are currently living or used to live in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Sharing a personal story is not always easy, even for some people, it could be a painful path. Not to mention, the production process that takes a lot of steps to finish, therefore, we’d like to thank each of our guests for being bold, patient and generous. 

As the crew of Speak Indo, we have gained valuable lessons through the production journey. From a story that jerks our tears to a simple story that makes us feel inspired or grateful. 

Living in an era where the bad news seems to be dominating our lives, we hope these kinds of series from our fellow Indonesians will kick down the door towards your positive minds and actions.

Let’s share positivity! 

Semoga bermanfaat!

Speak Indo Podcast Crew

Podcast: Speak Indo (Spotify, Google, Apple) 

Blog: http://www.speakindo.life

Youtube: Speak Indo Channel 

The Indonesian language used here is in the daily-conversation format, that has influences from the local culture and custom. Should you have questions on the more formal version, please consult with your guru Bahasa Indonesia.